FAQ: What are S60 Symbian mobile phones?

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FAQ: What are S60 Symbian mobile phones?

Post by Nyakersmith on Fri Oct 08, 2010 3:49 pm

What are S60 Symbian mobile phones?

Symbian S60 mobile phones are the mobile phones that are built upon a
combination of the Symbian operating system and S60 platform. Symbian
operating system is developed by Symbian Limited and is the world-leading
open operating system that powers the most popular and advanced
smartphones today. S60 is the user interface platform developed by Nokia.
Some of the world's leading S60 handset manufacturers include Nokia, Sony
Ericsson, Samsung, LG Electronics, Lenovo and Siemens.

Symbian OS is an operating system for smartphones, much like the Windows
operating system for your PC. Symbian phones therefore allows you to install
applications on your phone just like Windows allows you to install applications
onto your PC. In contrast, many old model mobile phones employ proprietary
such as Nokia operating system, which do not allow any third-party applications
to install and run.

FluencyPal is designed for S60 phones, however not all S60 phones can run
FluencyPal. The S60 phones that are compatible with FluencyPal include Nokia
6630, 6680, 6681, 6682, N70, N72 and N90. You can find more information
about S60 phones and platforms at

If you own a S60 phone, you can download and use additional applications that
are designed by third-party developers and companies, and cover a wide range
of needs and interests such as gaming, business productivity, photography,
and health. FluencyPal is just one application that helps reduce your stuttering
and thus improve your fluency.


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