Samsung unlock the max jar

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Samsung unlock the max jar

Post by regae on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:06 pm

Though this is a tough question to answer. i have found a way to unlock the max jar file error in some Samsung Mobiles. This code may not work in all Samsung mobile phones. But please make a try with the following instructions.

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1) First of all you have to type the code *#52828378# (equivalent to Java Version) and dial it.
2) A java test menu will pop up after dialing the code. If not leave don't try further.
3) Now in the menu, go to OTA test and change the default value (500) of the jat file to 2000

4) Which means that you can install 2000kb of files which is 2mb of size.

5) Now Save and restart the phone.

6) Now try to install java files which are above 500kb in size.

7) That's all Smile

This code worked like a charm on Samsung B5722 mobile (Dual Sim)

One more trick which worked for Samsung S3653, i have read this some where that, we can use the following steps to bypass a max jar error.
1) Just type *#5239870*# and got to Admin settings menu
2) and *#7092463*# to enter the internal menu Master key and enter Store Setting
3) and now update java db, update app db.


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Re: Samsung unlock the max jar

Post by jimmybravo on Thu Aug 30, 2012 8:20 am


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