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Kare-Kare ingredients

2-3 lbs. fresh oxtail, cut up, or 4 pieces pork hocks

2 each garlic cloves, chopped

3 tbsp. Veg. oil

3 tbsp. Onions

3 tbsp. Bagoong

1 small Eggplant, cut into serving pieces

1/2 lb Fresh green beans

1/3 cup Peanut butter

Cooking Kare-Kare
1. Boil the meat in 5 cups water and 2 tsp. salt until tender (1 hour).

2. In a large skillet, saute garlic and onion in hot oil until brown.

3. Spoon out the meat from the liquid and add to the garlic onion mixture.

4. Saute.

5. Add bagoong and saute for another 3 minutes.

6. Add meat/onion/bagoong mixture back to stewing water.

7. Simmer 10 minutes.

8. Add eggplant and green beans and cook til tender.

9. Reduce heat and stir in peanut butter.

10. Mix well and simmer 5 minutes.

11. Serve with white rice and extra bagoong.

12. Makes 4 servings.

13. Kare Kare.
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